City with the cheapest pints in the UK named – just £3 for a pint of beer!

Philip Schofield questions whether pubs should reopen early

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With the cost of living crisis in full swing, many are looking for ways to save, but you don’t need to cut back on socialising just to pay your energy bill. Comparison site Finder has looked into where you can buy the cheapest pint in the UK, as well as how much the average pint costs in the UK. 

For those living in London, prices of a pint are sometimes double what other punters pay across the UK. 

But where is the cheapest place to buy a pint and how much does it cost? 

Finder, who carried out a similar comparison in 2021, used two resources to figure out the price of a pint across the UK; consumer price database Numbeo and cost of living calculator Expatistan.

The cheapest pint in the UK is just £3, but you’ll have to visit Derby or Inverness to pay that little. 

Cheapest places in the UK to get a pint of beer: 

1. Derby – £3.00

2. Inverness – £3.00

3. Kingston upon Hull – £3.32

4. Perth – £3.46

5. Gloucester – £3.50

6. Peterborough – £3.50

7. Leicester – £3.63

8. Swansea – £3.65

9. Aberdeen – £3.67

10. Preston – £3.69

11. Aberystwyth – £3.70

12. Northampton – £3.74

13. Coventry – £3.78

14. Leeds – £3.79

15. Plymouth – £3.84

16. Newcastle upon Tyne – £3.88

17. Southend-on-Sea – £3.91

18. Reading – £3.99

19. Exeter – £4.00

20. Ipswich – £4.00

As for where the most expensive place in the UK to buy a pint of beer is, it’s no surprise to see London as number one. 

Punters in the capital can expect to swap £5.99 on average for a pint of the cold stuff. 

Guildford is the second most expensive at £5.75 on average for a pint, whilst Sunderland is third at £5.10.

Brighton and Hove are fourth charging on average £5.02 for a beer, whilst Luton and Norwich take joint fifth most expensive asking punters for £5 in exchange for a pint. 

Finder’s Editor-in-Chief, Liz Edwards commented on the results. 

She said: “There’s no doubt that pubs across the UK have been raising their prices to try and offset the rising prices they are having to pay and to help claw back revenue they lost during the long lockdowns. 

 “A simple money-saving solution would be to drink at pubs less and take advantage of the nice weather by having drinks outside in your garden. 

“Of course we still want to go to the pub, though, so another idea is to create specific savings ‘buckets’ or ‘pots’ through your banking or savings apps that can be allocated to socialising. 

“This should help stop you from spending beyond your means, and if you use features that let you round up your spare change then you’d be surprised at how quickly this adds up. 

“The UK average price of a pint is £4.19 so that is the price to beat in your area. 

“There will inevitably be a range of prices around you though, so look out for the local pubs that have lower prices than competitors as well as happy hours,” she added. 

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