California Is Obsessed With This Avocado Beer

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If there’s a fruit that I’d associate with Los Angeles, it’d have to be the avocado. Sure, the trendy stone fruit is popular nationwide, but there’s just something about the avocado’s combination of superfood status, the fact that it grows in California and is readily available there, and its inherent Instagrammability that’s always screamed LA to me.

So it’s no huge surprise to find out that a Los Angeles craft brewery has made something of a name for itself selling a beer that effectively combines an avocado with alcohol. It’s called Avocado Ale (natch), dreamed up by Angel City brewery.

According to what we can learn about the brewing process from Instagram captions (how fitting), it sounds like this 4.5 ABV Kölsch is brewed using “450 lbs of avocados, lime juice, cilantro, and avocado honey,” which makes it “the perfect beer to enjoy while lounging in your avocado-shaped pool floaty [sic].” Appropriately, that massive quantity of avocados comes from a local source: King & KIng ranch, located a bit more than an hour away in Fillmore, California.

Avocado Ale cans are NOW ON SALE! With 450 lbs of avocados, lime juice, cilantro, and avocado honey, it's the perfect beer to enjoy while lounging in your avocado-shaped pool floaty. Get it today, or this weekend at Avocado Fest! It's gonna be #Avocadope!

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So how do you put avocado in a beer? Through a proprietary process that Angel City calls “dry guacing.” Similar to dry-hopping, that means they’re basically introducing avocado after the beer has already fermented. Then, tons of cilantro and 6 gallons of lime juice are added to the kölsch base, which is then left to ferment for a further two weeks. The end result is roughly 1,000 gallons of avo-based beer available for a limited time at the end of each summer in cans or on draft.

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According to head brewer, Layton Cutler, the avocado does more to affect the feel of the finished beer than the taste. “Avocados don’t necessarily have a ton of flavor to begin with, but it’s more about texture” he told Insider. “So what we’re trying to create in the beer is more of a mouthfeel, like a little bit of creaminess.”


So there you have it: it is possible to combine avocados and alcohol into a single, successful package. The only drawback seems to be that it looks pretty much just like any other beer once you’ve poured it.

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