Bojangles' Finally Adds Pimento Cheese Biscuits to Its Menu

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So you've got a hankering for biscuits. If you're not baking up your own crisp and flaky batch, perhaps you're heading to Bojangles'?

Scratch that, you definitely want to head to Bojangles'. Yesterday, the Charlotte-based chain announced that its adding pimento cheese to its menu, and we clapped so loudly you can probably hear us from the Southern Living office in Birmingham.

For a limited time at participating restaurants, customers can enjoy the Cajun Filet Biscuit with Pimento Cheese or the Pimento Cheese Biscuit, or opt to add pimento cheese to whatever menu item they please. “Bojangles’ is all about real deal Southern flavor, and Pimento Cheese is as Southern as it gets,” said Jackie Woodward, chief marketing officer for Bojangles’ in a company press release. “We’ve tested the Pimento Cheese products with great results in Wilmington, North Carolina, and are thrilled to now share them with our guests in participating restaurants across our entire system."

If all this talk of the creamy, decadent spread has you hungry, check out our all-time favorite pimento cheese spread recipes. If all this talk of pimento cheese has you craving Legendary Iced Tea to wash it all down, make your way to Bojangles'.

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We'll see you in line — you should be able to recognize us by the sparkle in our eyes, but if not, look for the crew doubling up on our order.

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