Best method to cook a jacket potatoes in 15 minutes – no oven

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Jacket potatoes are not only a great dinner option, but they’re a hot and tasty lunch alternative. However, jacket potatoes can take a minimum of an hour to cook in the oven – which is also one of the most expensive kitchen appliances to run. But, you can make crispy, golden jacket potatoes in the air fryer in just 15 minutes, perfect for a quick meal, and for anyone looking to cut down on their energy bills. 

Immyhus shared a quick method for making jacket potatoes in the air fryer on TikTok. 

The video began with: “Crispy, buttery jacket potato – and you can do this at home, it’s very easy. 

“What you’re going to do is poke some holes in your potatoes,” and they used a fork to do so. 

“Put them in the microwave with a little bit of water,” they added. 

The two potatoes were placed onto a plate, with a small glass with an inch of water in it. 

“A cheeky tip” for anyone wondering why they should place a small glass of water in the microwave with the potatoes, Immyhus said it will “prevent the potato from drying out”. 

The potatoes need to be microwaved on high for eight to 10 minutes, once semi-cooked, remove them and “spray olive oil, salt, and pepper onto the potato”. 

But remember to “really rub the seasoning” into the potato to get the potato “flavoured up”. 

Immyhus then placed the jacket potatoes into the air fryer basket, which had been lined with a piece of tin foil. 

The air fryer was then set to 180 degrees Celsius, and the timer was set to 15 minutes. 

“That should be enough to get the potato nice and crispy, and all soft on the inside,” the video explained. 

Immyhus added: “Jacket potatoes are one of those meals I can have any time of day; lunch or dinner,” and they top their jacket with butter, cheese and beans. 

@immyhus CRISPY Air Fryer Jacket Potato with Cheese and Beans #fyp #recipesathome #cook #chef ♬ Coming of Age – Blondes

To speed up the cooking process of a jacket potato, or to ensure the skin is super crispy, there are a few hacks to try. 

The potato can be wrapped tightly in foil to help speed up the cooking process – aluminium conducts heat, then traps it. 

You can also add a pile of salt underneath the potato before wrapping it in foil. 

TV chef James Martin previously said during an appearance on This Morning that table salt is better as opposed to sea salt or rock salt. 

James explained why salt can help crisp up the skin of a potato: “The salt is quite important for this, it dries out the moisture from the skin of the potatoes and as they cook you get a crispy skin.” 

There are several toppings for jacket potatoes – cheese and baked beans is a classic option. 

Lots of people also like tuna or leftover chilli con Carne or pulled pork are also popular. 

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