Ball Park’s Newest Franks Are Stuffed With Nacho Cheese


With large group activities pretty much verboten and Major League Baseball unsure how feasible it would be to play out its 2020 season, it could be a while before anyone gets to sit down and enjoy a hot dog while taking in a ballgame. Though this summer might feel a little different without one of America’s time-honored sporting traditions, you don’t need to buy a ticket to enjoy some over-the-top stadium-style eats.

Case in point: Ball Park, a hot dog company who takes its name from a place where hot dogs are frequently eaten, has something called “Fully Loaded Nacho Cheese Franks” in its starting lineup. As posted by @TheImpulsiveBuy, it seems like these are some sort of cheese dog where the nacho element goes inside rather than getting drizzled over the top.

This seems like something already in Ball Park's franks lineup, but I think I'm confusing it with its regular cheese franks. Also, I think it would be funny it there was an "oops" version of cheese franks where the cheese is on the outside and the meat is on the inside. Of course, those would be impossible to heat up without all the cheese separating or melting from the meat. Unless Ball Park's parent company, Tyson Foods, can figure out a way to make grillable cheese. Spotted by RaveGyrl at Meijer.

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These hot dogs are made of pork and chicken instead of beef, which will probably differ from your usual game day hot dog experience. But unless that change interferes with the particulars of your diet, it’s a small price to pay for all that cheese. I mean think about it: it’s a cheese dog, but there’s still room to add all manner of toppings without things turning into a total mess.

The only real question mark right now is the fact that Ball Park is apparently owned by Tyson Foods. Given some plant closures in the wake of a number of positive test cases, you may experience some issues finding and/or ethically consuming this product. Do with that info what you will.

Still, as long as it’s still legal to fire up a backyard grill, people are going to be eating hot dogs in one form or another this summer. Maybe offering family and friends a cheesy surprise with these could be a way to spice things up.


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