Babybel's New Mini Rolls Are Lunch Box-Approved

Picky eaters (or parents of picky eaters), rejoice! Babybel just released a product that is about to make your lives a whole lot easier.

“While kids are motivated by taste and experience, parents are on the hunt for nutrition and convenience. On a mission to save the whole family from the boring and bland at snacktime, New Babybel Mini Rolls capture the common ground between parents and kids—fun,” said Babybel Brand Director Melanie Nemoy in a press release.

Mini Rolls are spiral-shaped and come in lunch box-friendly wrappers—they’re pretty much what would happen if Fruit by the Foot had a baby with string cheese.  

“Packed in a portable pouch and offering a good source of protein, kids will have fun pulling, peeling and twisting their Babybel Mini Rolls, and parents can feel good about serving a healthy and filling snack that’s tasty and convenient for all occasions,” said Babybel Innovation Manager, Iris Terolli-Hall. “With so many ways to eat Babybel Mini Rolls, there is a style for everyone, and we’re excited to see how parents and kids ‘roll!’”

Babybel Mini Rolls are available now in five-count packs for $3.89.

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