Avocado storage tip to keep fruit fresh ‘up to 5 days’

The nutritional benefits of Avocados

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Avocados are a popular fruit thanks to their versatility, but once they fully ripen they must be eaten quickly or risk them turning brown. However, holistic nutritionist Kayla Chandler who shares videos on YouTube has discovered a “life-changing” hack. She claims that by using her hack you will “never have to waste an avocado again”.

Kayla said: “Avocados are a true superfood, they are full of healthy fats and lots of nutrition and personally I eat them almost every single day.

“You can have them with breakfast, lunch and dinner, they are so versatile. You can bake with them. There are so many things you can do with avocados.

“But let’s be real, they’re not the cheapest and the minute that they ripen you have to eat them right away because the next day they are pretty much done for.

“So over the years, I have found little tips and hacks to make my avocados last a lot longer.”

Kayla’s secret weapon comes in the form of a red onion, which she stores alongside her avocado to keep it fresh for days. She explained: “This tip is great if you only plan on using half of the avocado.

“What you want to do is take the half that still has the seed in it, put it in a glass container with some chopped purple onion.  The purple onion contains sulphuric acid which helps to slow down the oxidisation or the browning process of the avocado.

“And, in fact, this works so well that it can preserve your avocado for up to five days in the refrigerator.”

The best way to do this is by first chopping the onion into small pieces and lining the bottom of your container with it. Then, place your avocado half on top of the chopped onion, before sealing the glass container fully. The airtight container will ensure no air gets in and allows the onion to work its magic.

Kayla’s YouTube video has been “liked” 1.5K times, with commenters applauding her tips. One said: “You Go Girl! You got this. Want to thank you for helping me save my avocados from going bad!”

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Why do avocados turn brown so quickly?

Speaking previously to Express.co.uk Charles Haverfield, Packaging Executive at US Packaging and Wrapping explained: “The shelf life of your avocado will all depend on the ripeness of the fruit when purchased.”

He continued: “Avocados are highly perishable fruits and are particularly vulnerable to browning once they’ve been cut. This is because, like many fruits, avocados have an enzyme called polyphenol oxidase which reacts when oxidisation happens.

“Once the avocado’s flesh comes into contact with oxygen, a reaction happens that changes the pigment to brown and reduces the quality and texture of the fruit.

“Because of this, it’s best to leave cutting your avocado for as long as possible prior to eating to ensure you have the best quality avocado.” This is also why storing your avocado in an airtight container is so important in preserving the fruit.

How to tell whether an avocado is ripe?

Both the colour and firmness of an avocado when it is still in its skin will be an indication of how ripe it is.

Charles said: “First, check whether the colour of the skin is dark enough. An underripe avocado will still be a paler shade of green instead of the classic dark green or brown shade.”

Giving your avocado a gentle squeeze can also test the texture within. If it yields slightly but isn’t too squishy, this is a good sign that it is ripe. However, an extremely hard avocado likely means it needs more time to ripen.

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