Absolutely key step before poaching an egg will make it ‘perfect’

James Martin shares tips for poached eggs

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A content creator has taken to her TikTok to show her fans how to cook the perfect poached eggs with the science to back it up. The pastry chef runs Half Batch Baking, where she has 92.1K. 

Now a product engineer, she has two million “likes” on her videos on the platform. Her guide to making poached eggs has an enormous 91.M views.

She told her followers: “Here’s how to perfectly poach an egg and the science behind it. Let’s start with the egg white also known as albumen.”

There are two consistencies of egg white, the cook claims, one thicker, one runnier. The blogger recommends getting rid of the thinner white, with a kitchen tool.

She said: “There’s an outer albumen of thinner fluid that lies next to the shell, and the thicker inner albumen that serves to keep the yolk centered in high-quality eggs. The inner thick white will spread less for a perfectly poached egg, without any flyaways.”

For this reason, the content creator advises sieving your eggs before you poach them. She said: “Place the egg in a sieve to remove the thinner fluid. Then place four cups and support that it’s four cups of water in a pot and add one tablespoon of vinegar.

“Bring the water to a boil and then turn down to low heat slowly lower the egg into a pot, I like to use a ladle.”

The cook also explained why it’s a good idea to vinegar while poaching your eggs. She explained that it is due to the acid in the vinegar.

She said: “Acidic environments will lower eggs coagulation temperature. Speeding up the coagulation process means it will speed up the egg transformation from fluid to semi-fluid states. This helps keep the egg together and you have a perfect egg.”

When it comes to how long to cook the egg, the expert suggests different times depending on the result you desire. For soft, poached for three minutes, and for soft to firm poach for four minutes.

Her fans were quick to praise the video. One wrote: “Perfect for making one egg at a time while my family stands around waiting for breakfast.”

Another commented: “I hate the taste of vinegar on my poached eggs. It can be done just fine without.”

“You don’t need the vinegar with that method,” another said.

However, if you don’t like vinegar, a chef shared a way to make poached eggs without vinegar. 

Paul Foster is a Michelin-star chef from Stratford upon Avon. He uses his TikTok account @paulfosterchef to teach Britons how to cook.

The chef claimed to have the method for a perfect poached egg. He said: “You don’t need a microwave. You don’t need one of those stupid egg poachers. You just need a pan with some water, with no vinegar, and a little bit of salt.” 

This method makes a “perfectly cooked runny yolk and a nice soft white”, the food expert said.

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