35 of the Easiest, Most Brilliant Halloween Costumes You Can Throw Together

Halloween! It’s here again … somehow. Maybe you panicked last year and just dressed up as a ghost because you didn’t have time to think of something more creative? Or maybe you’ve been thinking about it for weeks already and just can’t come up with something good? We’ve got you. We pulled together 35 of our best Halloween costume ideas. Some are punny, some are put together with little more than a blank T-shirt, and some can be done with a quick trip to the supermarket. But all of these are pretty easy to pull off.

1. Sugar Mama

You just need a baby carrier (borrow one from your baby or a neighbor who isn’t using hers) and a bag of sugar.

2. Instant Pot

Print out the word “Instant” (ideally in the matching font!), pin it to a T-shirt, and carry around a small pot. Alternatively, you can go all out like this guy did and dress up like the Pioneer Woman’s Instant Pot.

3. Sandwich Artist

Maybe you didn’t know that the employees at Subway are called Sandwich Artists? Maybe you did? Either way, this is still a brilliant costume!

4. Bread Winner

Grab some medals from your competition days (or get some on Etsy if you weren’t much of a contender) and carry around a loaf of bread. Instant bread winner!

5. Eye Candy

If you can steal a handful of candy from the pass-out bucket and snag some over-sized googly eyes, you can make a quick, punny costume.

6. Cotton Candy

Raid the candy bucket and the bathroom. Then pin everything to a T-shirt and you’re ready to go.

7. Pig in a Blanket

The best thing about this costume is that you’re sure to stay extra warm while you’re walking around. (Get a little piggy nose here for just a few bucks!)

8. Greek Yogurt

Headed to a toga party? Or just have some extra sheets lying around? Make a sash that says “yogurt” and wrap yourself up in an all-white top sheet.

9. Popcorn

This requires a little bit of craftiness, but it’s not hard. We promise. Just crumple up some printer paper and lightly spray one side of the paper with yellow spray paint. Then, hot glue the paper to a white T-shirt and add white stripes to red pants with white duct tape or natural-looking tape.

10. Prime Rib

Print out the Amazon Prime logo and tape it your tum-tum. Costume done.

11. Starbucks

You don’t even need to go to the store! Just tape some stars and some bucks (dollar bills) and everyone (even non-coffee drinkers) will know what you are.

12. Stud Muffin

Carry a two-by-four and muffin around. A shirt is optional.

13. Iron Chef

Become an iron chef without having to compete! Affix the letters FE (the symbol on the Periodic Table of Elements for Iron) and don a chef’s hat.

14. Smarty Pants

Tape rolls of Smarties candies to your pants and you’ll be a smarty pants. Especially if your pants are warm and it happens to be cold outside!

15. Salad

Okay, this one is admittedly a little harder to pull off. But not my much. You’ll need an old green T-shirt, a pack of green tissue paper (like this), red mini balloons, and white and yellow felt cut to the shape of a fried egg. Because a healthy salad can be scary, right?

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16. Avocado Toast

Still somehow one of the trendiest (and yummiest) things of all time, avocado toast makes a great costume! We covered foam board with brown felt (light brown for the whole thing and darker brown for the crust!) and added “avocado slices” with more felt and some pillow stuffing. To finish if off with “salt,” we crumpled some Styrofoam and glued it on.

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17. Boxed W(h)ine

Carry around an empty box and let people write down their complaints and drop ’em in.

18. Trader Joe’s Employee

Pick up a Hawaiian shirt and grab a Trader Joe’s bag to carry around. Bonus: It’s part of the costume but it’ll double as a candy holder as you go door to door.

19. Thyme Capsule

Get a bunch of thyme from the grocery store. Bag it up and tape it to a shirt with a note that’s dated far off in the future.

20. Someone with a Chip on Their Shoulder

Even if you’re not grumpy in real life, this is a punny costume. Tape a bag of chips on your shoulder and then you can eat them at the end of the night when you’re hangry.

21. Hot Sauce Packets

Use felt and a marker to turn a bright-colored T-shirt into a hot sauce packet (like the ones you get at Taco Bell). This is a great costume for groups, couples, or even a single treat-or-treater.

22. Broccoli

Glue a bunch of green pom-poms onto the sleeves of a green sweatshirt and the top of a green hat. Instant broccoli.

23. Eggplant

Put on all white, add a yellow felt oval, and grab your favorite plant. Then you’re an eggplant! You can also ditch the plant and put on a pair of devil ears and you can go as a deviled egg.

24. Tea Partier

Not to get all political or anything, but you COULD go as a tea partier, if you have a party hat and some unused bags of tea.

25. Instagram

Raid your pantry for a box of Jell-O and some graham crackers. Carry the boxes around and wait for your friends and neighbors to figure out what you are. They’ll get it eventually.

26. Candy Dots

Paint some Styrofoam balls in pink, yellow, and blue and glue them to a white T-shirt in straight lines. Anyone with a sweet tooth will get it immediately.

27. Spaghetti

Start with a red shirt and then wrap yourself up with a yard or so of 4-inch natural-colored bullion upholstering fringe. Add some brown pom-poms as “meatballs” and prepare to make everyone hungry. Note: You can use brown string if that’s all you have on hand.

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28. Pop Tart

Get a big piece of pink felt, trim it into a blob shape (it’s a very technical term!), and attach it to a beige sweater. Then, just add some pom poms as “sprinkles.” Maybe your significant other can go as a glass of milk?

29. M&Ms

This T-shirt-based costume couldn’t be easier. Take a brightly colored shirt, add an M with felt, and pull on some pants. Yes, you really do need to wear pants — even though the animated candies on TV don’t.

30. John Lemon

Don’t be sour on this pun. It’s funny!

31. Batman & Reuben

You do need a Batman costume (which you can find in basically any Halloween store or on Amazon), and you’ll need to hit the grocery store, but this costume isn’t hard to put together and it’s sure to be memorable. Plus, you’ll have a great snack already in hand at the end of the night.

32. Encourage Mint

Grab some mint from your container garden and fill out a little name tag sticker with some sort of encouraging saying. And you’re encourage mint. Ha!

33. Boozehound

If someone you know happens to be good at face painting (or you have a puppy costume of sorts), this will be easy to pull off. You’ll also need an empty or full (depending on what kind of night you want to have!) bottle of alcohol to carry around as a prop.

34. Spice Rack

Take an old bra and fill it with some spices. Who knows, you might even get some great spice-organizing tips from strangers at a party!

35. Someone Who’s Brutally Honest but Also Funny

If you’re just not feeling Halloween this year, there’s nothing wrong with wearing your heart on your sleeve … or on your T-shirt.

Got any other ideas to add to this list? Leave them in the comments below!

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