Watch Bartenders Explain Their Biggest Pet Peeves

Bartenders have an interesting gig. They hold one of the few jobs in the world that actually pays them to deal with drunk people. Imagine how that must be.  But simply being around drunk people isn’t what offends most bartenders. They’re used to that; it’s one of their occupational hazards. What pisses bartenders off is a bit more nuanced than that.

To all the potential patrons out there, it’s worth remembering that that hipster with the tattoos and the twirly mustache behind the bar is your key to a fun night, so you might as well get on his good side.

In this quick video, a bunch of bartenders outline some of their biggest pet peeves. Give it a watch and maybe you’ll finally figure out why last night you were the only one that was left out on that free round of shots. 

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