Turn Beer Bottles Into Drinking Glasses With A Flame and Some String

Remember how you saved all those beer bottles because you were going to get into homebrewing? And then remember how you never got into homebrewing? Well, here’s a way to put those bottles to good use with an even simpler DIY project.

The people over at Household Hacker call this project an “oldie but goodie”: turning a beer bottle into a drinking glass simply by snapping off the top. Though it might be tempting to try this project with an ax, to get a clean break with far fewer jagged edges, all you need is some yarn and a little rubbing alcohol to soak it in.

Wrapping the yarn around the bottle and lighting it on fire for a bit should weaken the integrity of the glass enough that you can snap the bottle in half. A little sanding of the rim, and you’re good to go.

It might take some practice to get it right, they warn you. No worries. I’m sure you’re ready to empty out a few more beer bottles with your mouth if necessary.

[h/t Laughing Squid]

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