This Teapot Could Help You Kill Your Enemies

Turns out the most exciting news in teapot technology is something that’s probably not that new at all. The Internet has been going bonkers over a review of “The Assassin’s Teapot” by the YouTube channel Grand Illusions.

What makes this Chinese teapot so unique is that it has two chambers for liquids but only one spout. The pourer can choose which liquid comes out simply by covering one of two holes in the back of the teapot to control the flow. In the video, one chamber contains tea and the other contains milk—though based on the name, the assumption is that one chamber could contain regular tea while the other contains poison. But that’s a bit much for a simple demonstration, especially one you’re recording evidence of.

Though Grand Illusions doesn’t provide any history on the Assassin’s Teapot—and Google searching the term simply leads back to the video—the appearance and name of the product insinuates it has some sort of traditional background. Either that or the company behind it is really hoping assassins are an under-served market. Plus, some person on Reddit said he got one in China “a couple years back,” so it’s at least as ancient as 2014.

If you’re looking to amaze your friends, or kill your enemies, Grand Illusions also sells the teapot for about $86.

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