How to Make a Cocktail Inside a Ball of Ice to Impress Your Guests

It used to be that simply knowing how to make a decent cocktail was enough to impress your friends. But with the rise of mixology culture, whipping up a perfect Sea Breeze just isn’t good enough anymore.

If you’re in search of something new to add to your bag of cocktail tricks, look no further than the first video from the new YouTube channel Cocktail Chemistry. In under five minutes, you’ll learn how to create an Ice Ball Cocktail – a cocktail served inside of a frozen ball of ice. To drink said cocktail, you have to crack open the ice ball with a tiny hammer, providing not only a cool visual effect but also a way to blow off a tiny bit of steam before diving into your drink.

Due to the necessary freezing to make this work, the process is a bit time consuming. And since freezers aren’t an exact science, the whole thing will take some trial and error to get right. But, once you get your technique down, serving your friends Ice Ball Cocktails will definitely get your mixology mojo back.

Though I’m not sure why you’re even still trying to impress those friends. Only a jerk won’t drink a perfectly good Sea Breeze.

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