6 Refreshing, Healthy Ways to Satisfy Soda Cravings

Golden Bear Bitters

The Spring Botanical Tonic Syrup from Golden Bear Bitters is a bright combination of bitter greens, wild sage, lemon balm, and other ingredients gathered along the California coast. Just a dash transforms plain seltzer. $11 for 8 oz.; goldenbearbitters.com


Fresh-squeezed juice gives this sparkling water, which tops out at 15 calories, an extra boost of flavor. We love the strawberry, grapefruit, and cucumber. $36 for 24 (12-oz.) cans; spindriftfresh.com. 

Tickle Water

Created with kids in mind, these subtly sweet sparklers were a hit with grown-up editors as well. The cute cans hold nostalgic flavors like grape and green apple. From $15 for 12 (8-oz.) cans; drinkticklewater.com.

Topo Chico

The big-bubbled, cult-favorite mineral water from Mexico is now even easier to find, including the zippy lime-flavored version. From $1.50 for 12 oz.; topochicousa.net. 

Dram Apothecary 

Shae Whitney adds bitters to sparkling water to get flavors like lavender (lavender flowers, lemon peel, lemongrass, gentian root) and citrus (citrus peel, orange blossom, hibiscus). Meet gin’s new best friends. $29 for 12 (12-oz.) bottles; dramapothecary.com.

Hint Fizz

Hint’s cherry sparkling water is subtle and refreshing, a surprise to those used to artificial, cloyingly sweet cherry drinks. $20 for 12 (17-oz.) bottles; drinkhint.com. 

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